CCTC Board 2018

The nine member CCTC Board of Directors serve one year terms beginning January 1 and ending December 31.  General management of the Club’s affairs shall be entrusted to the Board.  Board meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Any member is welcome to attend.

President – Terry Bridges

The President prepares the agenda for meetings, calls the meetings to order, keeps meetings to the order of business, handles discussions in an orderly way by giving every member who wishes a chance to speak, ensures the discussion is respectful, does not enter into discussion, states each motion before it is discussed and again before it is voted upon, puts motions to vote and announces the outcome, may vote when his/her vote would affect the outcome, or in any case when voting is by ballot, appoints committee chairs, and provides executive leadership to the Board.

Vice President – Ule James

The Vice President takes over for the President in his/her absence.  The Vice President also issues and keeps a record of all keys to the building, and collects and approves key deposit fees.

Secretary – Pam Thornburg

The Secretary takes minutes at meetings, handles the correspondence of the Club and ensures the minutes are sent to the Newsletter Chair for publishing in the Courier.  The Secretary also chairs the Bylaws and Policy Revisions Committee.

Treasurer – Melissa Hodges

The Treasurer receives, deposits, and disburses money for the Club.  He/she keeps accurate, complete and current financial records.  He/she reports at each meeting the condition of the Club’s finances.

Director of Member Training – Toni Aden

DOT Members is responsible for scheduling advanced training courses, securing instructors, communicating this information and organizing any additional activities beneficial to the advanced training program for members.  The DOT Members communicates with the Courier Editor and Website Chair as necessary.

Director of Non-Member Training – Marge Schroeder

This officer is responsible for scheduling Puppy and Beginner courses offered by the Club to the public, securing instructors and organizing registration, orientation and graduation for these classes.  Communication with the Registrar, Courier Editor, and Website Chair is necessary.

Director of Agility Training – Linda Hinsman

This officer is responsible for the overall agility program to include scheduling agility courses, securing qualified instructors, organizing registration and managing equipment.  The DAT may hold organizational and training meetings for agility course instructors periodically.  Communication with the Registrar,  Courier Editor, and Website Chair is necessary.

Directors at Large – Mary BonDurant and Tomi Patrick

These officers assist the Board as necessary in the overall management of the Club.